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Opinions on Heritage Arms .22's?

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Topic: Opinions on Heritage Arms .22's?
Posted By: Bear43
Subject: Opinions on Heritage Arms .22's?
Date Posted: October 05 2017 at 1:52pm
I was looking at getting a Heritage Arms Rough Rider .22 revolver for the purpose of a cheap plinker to add to the collection. I held one and they seem fairly nice. I like the 6.5" barrel on them. I was just wondering if any of you have had any experience with them or not. If so any thoughts would be appreciated.

Posted By: buckeye55
Date Posted: October 06 2017 at 9:22am
I just bought one three weeks ago. It has the .22 LR/.22 WMR cylinders. So far I like it. It seems to be accurate. Has a decent feel in the hand. It was purchased with the intent that it would be a nightstand gun for my wife.

I'm having serious second thoughts about giving it to her.

Posted By: hoadie
Date Posted: October 07 2017 at 5:38am
..before you do - make sure she hasn't been harbouring any "issues" with you!

Loose wimmen tightened here

Posted By: White Rhino
Date Posted: October 07 2017 at 6:23am
I got me one a month or so ago , also ordered one for my brother and one for his buddy who has a camp down from my brothers camp, both wanted them to plink snakes out at the camp... I even kept an extra in the shop for later ... Nice little pistols , the ones I ordered did not come with the mag cylinder , but did have a coupon to get one later for a discount !!!

Oh by the way , Camp down here is the same as Cabin up north !!!!  just different terms !!!

"White Rhino"

"Everybody's got to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer." --W. C. Fields

Posted By: Bear43
Date Posted: October 07 2017 at 12:36pm
Thanks for the input! I think I am going to pick one up next month. I will make sure and post up a review when I do.

Posted By: buckeye55
Date Posted: October 09 2017 at 12:02pm
Originally posted by hoadie hoadie wrote:

..before you do - make sure she hasn't been harbouring any "issues" with you!

We've been together 41 years as of today. If there were issues, I'd have known.

Posted By: A square 10
Date Posted: October 09 2017 at 10:14pm
i think they are fine - i had more than one young SASS shooter friend that used them , i got my brother one a number of years ago with both cylinders and he has been very happy with it , 

get the steel version , the pot metals are not allowed to be sold in this state as they have safety issues , there are always the cimarron SAA versions as well , i have a couple of those that are intended for the grandkids starter SASS guns - they work great and feel right , 

all of these , including the ruger bearcats are a slightly undersized version of the colts SAA and take a slightly smaller holster than the centerfire versions , ive had no issues with my triple K holsters for the 22s 

Posted By: Bear43
Date Posted: December 02 2017 at 3:27am
Last night I bought the Heritage Arms Rough Rider. It's pretty nice and I am pleased with the fit and finish. The grips could be a bit better but I am not hung up on that. They were on sale at Dunhams for $149.99 so I couldn't pass it up at that price. I'll post a couple pictures later.

Posted By: A square 10
Date Posted: December 02 2017 at 7:47pm
love to see it bear , i think you will be happy with it , what did you get for the finish and the grip scales ? 

Posted By: Bear43
Date Posted: December 04 2017 at 6:29am
Here's a picture of it. The blueing on there is really nice and the metal components fit well. The grips are a bit more reddish in color but it was actually the best they had of what was on hand. There is a bit of a gap on the right grip but not bad. I do like the heavy grain though.

Posted By: A square 10
Date Posted: December 04 2017 at 8:57pm
nice looking SAA , i like the long barrel , my young friends[sass shooters] all had the shorter 43/4 versions , the one my brother has is as well , i think you did well , i like that longer version , 

FWIW my brother had a histandard with ivory looking grip scales back in the 70s - i set him up with the one he has and bought him the faux ivory grip scales to imitate/replace that he was delighted as it was close enough to be a replacement , 

my young sass friends had the green versions , both finish and grips , with laminate grip scales , i cannot fault the performance of these in any of these cases all i know are quite happy with them , 

Posted By: Bear43
Date Posted: December 04 2017 at 9:04pm
This has a 6 1/2" barrel which is the main reason I bought it. Most like the shorter barrels but I am the opposite. Now to find a holster and put rounds downrange....

Posted By: A square 10
Date Posted: December 05 2017 at 4:11pm
let us know how she works for you , 

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